You Experienced the Project Conversion Journey. Now, Help Write the Book!

I did not begin Project Conversion in 2011 with any intentions of writing a book, however as the months rolled by, as the adventure touched lives across the globe, I realized that a book was inevitable.

You see, the very nature of Project Conversion was limited. I had only 30 days to showcase a particular religion, give as much information as possible, and share the reactions of my family with each faith. We all found out very quickly that while 30 days was just enough to change my life and perspective, it wasn’t nearly enough to show the readers was life was really like in the Bowen home during the year.

That’s where Project Conversion: The Book, comes in.

The book, which is already written, goes behind the scenes and between the blog posts, revealing the intimate details of the Project Conversion experience and never-before-revealed information. Writing the book itself was an intense catharsis, as if reliving the entire year!

Anyone who spent time with me in 2011 knows that I did not make this journey alone. We soon developed into a vibrant community of seekers and teachers and it made Project Conversion all the better.

That is why I’m asking you to be part of the book production process!

I created a page on for this very reason. We have just 30 days to raise enough to finally make this book a reality. But this isn’t just a donation. Each contribution earns a award, from an eBook file of the book to a personal visit from yours truly! Think of it as a pre-order for the book!

This is our community, our movement, and now we have the chance to create the book: a testament to our incredible, life-changing year. Please join me in making this a reality. Tell your friends, your school, your family, your co-workers, even random strangers! We can make this happen, and it all starts with you.

Click on the Kickstarter image below for a link to the site and let’s make some magic!

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