What is “Immersion Wednesday” and What Does it Mean for You?

Surely everyone by now is fairly acquainted with Project Conversion’s new website and blog structure, however some may be asking, “What is this Immersion Wednesday thing and what does it have to do with me?”

So glad you asked.

To answer this question, let’s review the theme of each of the three days in which I post during the week.

Meditation Monday

First, we kick off each week with Meditation Monday. If nothing else, my Project Conversion experience taught me that there are grains of truth and wisdom in all of our spiritual/philosophical systems that we can glean and benefit from. I often read scriptures and writings from the faiths I studied in 2011 either at random or if I’m looking for counsel in a particular area of life. Meditation Monday is my way of continuing that tradition, of pulling passages and concepts from our various traditions and making them applicable to our daily lives.

Feature Thursday

Our world is a spectacular place because of our diversity. I met so many interesting and inspiring folks during my journey, and continue to meet new ones everyday, and each encounter proves that no man is an island. Feature Thursday is my opportunity to showcase the work of others, including guest posts (email me if interested!) and inspiring stories from all over. For me, experience is scripture, therefore the celebration and study of our various experience leads to a richer humanity.

Immersion Wednesday

When the Buddha rose from beneath the Bodhi tree after a six-year quest to end suffering, the Dharma began. When Muhammad, after years of prayer and meditation on Mount Hira, emerged from the cave having received the first words of the Qur’an, Islam was reestablished. When Jesus returned from his 40-day sojourn in the desert and was baptized by John the Baptist, he initiated a short preaching career that would later become the basis for the Christian faith.

All of us, prophets to common folk, take a journey that transforms who we are and we often return to the world we left behind with answers or boons. My journey through 12 faith/philosophical traditions in 2011 was my time in the desert, my meditations on Mount Hira, my seat beneath the Bodhi tree, and I emerged from that experience a new creature, what I’ve come to call, an Immersian.

Immersion Wednesday is my one opportunity each week to share my thoughts, meditations, teachings, and experiences with this system, method, and way of life.

What does the Immersian Path mean for you?

As I mention in the Path of Immersion Manifesto, this path does not demand faith in a deity or the proclamation of fealty to a personality. In fact, the Path is useful no matter what tradition you belong to. Immersion Wednesday is my chance to share this Path–one I discovered purely via personal experience–as it unfolds in my life. Indeed, when you read the Immersion Wednesday posts, you are witnessing a new movement unfurling before your eyes, and something you may find use for in your life.

I defined all of 2011 by living fully in the context of beliefs and systems held by people all around the world. Now that I’ve discovered my own path, I am actively discovering new territories, new paths along the way, and I invite you to participate in any way you see fit, whether that’s mild curiosity to a full adoption of the lifestyle, the choice is yours.

What is the Path of Immersion to you?

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