This Mabon, I Give Thanks for a Harvest of Family, Friends, and the Hope of a Bright Future.

There are seasons in our lives when we aren’t sure if the seeds we’ve sown will bear fruit and sustain us for the winter. We toil and sweat, prepare and scheme, and yet as the sun sets on another day of labor, we are often left with little more than faith and hope in what may come.

We are now in the season of the harvest, and thus it is time to inspect the fields of our labors.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve scattered seeds and planted saplings in both my life and others with the hope of a great harvest for peace, understanding, and good will. Through this journey my fields have suffered droughts, storms, and gentle rains. There were days I wasn’t sure if fruition was possible, even in myself, however yesterday, September 21st of 2012, I witnessed the early signs of this harvest.

In the great Wheel of the Year, Mabon, which is the second of three harvest festivals, occurs during a three-day period between September 21-23rd. Many faiths, including Judaism and Hinduism, also traditionally celebrate harvest festivals at this time.

Mabon is the time of the Autumn Equinox. Daylight begins its gentle and gradual surrender as the earth offers up her bounties after a long season of labor and prepares for winter’s sleep.

During this harvest season, a spirit of thanksgiving and rest descends upon us, and so the days and seasons align in beautifully auspicious ways.

This Mabon, I have much to celebrate and be thankful for. In my planting, I see a harvest of new friends and new hope. We’ve toiled over what Project Conversion means for each of us and what its implications are for the future, and now we witness those fruits.

Nearly 30 days ago, I asked all of you to help me plant seeds toward creating a book which told the story of the Project Conversion journey so that others outside our community might share in our experience. You responded greatly and brought your seeds to the field we plowed together via the trials of experience, learning, sharing, and peace.

And on September 21st, 2012, we met our funding goal to make that book a reality. With this harvest, we ensure that the future of this movement survives for the nourishment of others. I thank you for your time in the field with me, my friends, and we deserve a time for rest and reflection.

For me, I meditate on my experience with Project Conversion–my personal Path of Immersion which I encourage all to undertake in their own way. I remember all my new friends and my renewed relationship with my family, which could very well have lost. I am thankful for the blessed support of so many who believe in me and this message, who champion the transformation and reconciliation present in all of us.

Most of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to partake this harvest, in communion with all of you, for the nourishment of my mind, body, and soul, that I might continue my life’s work. And yet, I know that I cannot tend this field alone. My question for you is and will forever be:

Will you join me for another season?

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