Thanks to you, the Project Conversion Book is Now Fully Funded!

I must admit, I had my doubts. How could a story that occurred a year ago remain relevant in today’s hyper-active news world?

When I launched the Kickstarter campaign I told my wife, “Project Conversion began as a community. This was never a one-man event, so I have to ask for their help. Besides, if the people who followed the journey won’t support the book, why would anyone else?”

As of an hour ago you, the Project Community, showed me that the immersion journey that transformed me from a man consumed with hatred to one of compassion and drive toward peace is a story worth telling.

You not only declared that the story is worth sharing with the world, but overwhelmingly so. We actually surpassed the funding goal, and all of this goes toward making a better book.

So what now?

Right now, everyone who contributed should have an email stating that your credit/debit card was charged for the amount you pledged. These funds are now making their way to an Amazon account (per Kickstarter guidelines). This process can take up to 14 days.

In the meantime, I have several folks whom I met last year reviewing the book and preparing blurbs for interior content. They’ve had the material for about two weeks now and so it shouldn’t be too long until I have all of their feedback.

Once I have all the blurbs, I will complete the few remaining sections of the book’s interior and make one last content check. By then, all of the funds should be in the Amazon account, ready for action.

After the final checks and additions are complete, I’ll send the document over to the book/cover designer, Brion Sausser at Book Creatives. By his estimates, the design and cover process should take between four to six weeks. Mileage will vary depending upon existing workload and the number of drafts we explore.

Following successful design, it’s off to the printer! From here, I’ll send off for sample copies to ensure everything is physically sound with the book.

When all is said and done, when I am completely satisfied that we have produced the best possible book, I will then upload the book files to various online markets (such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). This is also the time when I will send out the rewards to contributors.

So that’s it! Again, thank you so much for being part of this endeavor. I truly could not do this without you. I will keep you informed and updated on the production process every step of the way and will certainly ask for input during the creative phases.

What questions or comments do you have going forward?

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