My Month as a Zarathushti: Video

Thanks for stopping by. As you know, this month was not only a whirlwind but I spent it a lone practitioner. This doesn’t make for super-interesting video footage, however the month has changed my life all the same. In the video you will find glimpses of that change and the challenges I faced to earn these revelations. I hope you enjoy as we slowly conclude one month and usher in the next.

Ushta te, and thank you.


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  • Nina

    That is an amazing summary!

  • Pagolesher

    I am really enjoying what you share of your studies and from that, your journey. Thank you for being brave enough to let the public in to witness what is such a private and personal endeavor.

    Looking forward to the next faith!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Johnny C. Rogers

    You recently spoke to professor Ulrich’s class at Uncp, I enjoyed listening to your experinces of practicing different religions. I wanted to ask you a question but we ran out of time, so I decided to ask it on your blog. Do you feel that any of the religions that you have practiced so far, including any practiced before project conversion, is the true religion or a religion that you will practice for life?

    • abowen


      Thanks for having me in your class. That’s a very popular question and no, I can’t say that any religion is the “true faith.” Given my experiences with both the faiths and its people, for me each religion is a system by which people attempt to know a limitless expanse of truth. Each faith then, is simply one finite point of view of something far more grand than our imaginations can hold. In this way, even physics is a faith system.