Meditation Monday: The Buddha Asks Us To Not Believe Blindly.

Don’t blindly believe what I say. Don’t believe me because others convince you of my words. Don’t believe anything you see, read, or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Don’t rely on logic alone, nor speculation. Don’t infer or be deceived by appearances.

–The Buddha


The search for truth can seem a lonely one. Even when in the company of others, we often feel this way. Yet the Buddha taught that we, and everything around us, are conditioned beings. We build up or down down one another.

“We are what we think,” the Buddha said. But oftentimes we cling to the thoughts and ideals of others, claiming them for ourselves without having endured the fires of discovery. True wisdom is not a handout, but something earned via personal experience and honest conviction. The Buddha learned this and it nearly cost him his life. Perhaps that is why we so often take what others say and believe unquestionably: because we aren’t willing to pay the price.


Today, I will not take what others tell me as “gospel truth.” I will use all the faculties of my mind, body, and soul to attain truth for its own sake. Today, I will see the world for the first time.


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