Meditation Monday: 8/19/2012

More than that: since no man ever can, or could, live by himself and for himself alone, the destinies of thousands of other people were bound to be affected…I was entering into a moral universe in which I would be related to every other rational being, and in which whole masses of us, thick as swarming bees, would drag one another along toward some common end of good or evil, peace or war.” –Thomas Merton



Thomas Merton, that perennial inspiration of the 20th century for spiritual seekers everywhere, penned these thoughts in his classic, The Seven Storey Mountain. He explains here in lurid prose the awakening of his morality and its relation to the collective gravity of our species. In reflecting on Merton’s words, another 20th century philosopher comes to mind. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “Mankind will either learn to live with one another as brothers, or perish together as fools.”

What we glean from these luminaries is that everyone, from the solitary and contemplative lives of our spiritual masters, to the most gregarious socialite, we are all bound and connected in one massive span of time, space, and consciousness.


Today, I reflect on my relation to all of humanity. We stride the sea of existence together in the great ship of life. My actions and even my thoughts echo throughout the lives around me. I will create positive echoes; my thoughts, words, and deeds will be a sweet harmony to others.

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