Meditation Monday: 8/28/2012


The highest goodness is like water.
Water easily  benefits all things without struggle.
Yet it abides in places men hate.
Therefore it is like the Tao.”

–from the Tao Te Ching, chapter 8



Many fondle with the meaning of the Tao. In most cases, we define it as “the Way,” the simply the order of things. In the same book, the Tao Te Ching, the very first line of verse declares “The Tao that can be followed (or named) is not the eternal Tao.” The Tao, in other words, is beyond the categories and rule of humanity’s language and barriers. It is here that we glean the analogy of the Tao with water and how we must modify our behavior as such.

Water does not try, it simply is, and as such is the most important element in our lives. It settles into every dark and empty crevasse in our life and nourishes us from the inside out without any thought of reward. What if we were more like water in the lives of another today? What if we were more like the Tao?


Today, I will be like water in the life of another. I will flow to the darkest places, heal the deepest wounds, and bring forth life without any thought of reward. Today, I will be the unspoken, unassuming Tao.

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