About PC

How does hatred toward all peoples of all faiths transform into a profound love of Christ and his Church?

After a family tragedy propels him into years of hatred toward religion, Andrew Bowen realizes that he has a choice: either graduate to a violent, militant form of anti-theism, or uncover a path toward peace, reconciliation, and personal conversion.

Choosing peace, Andrew embarks on a year-long journey called Project Conversion that radically transforms him and his family when he immerses himself in 12 faiths and philosophies he once abhorred.

PC 3D Book Little does he know that each faith will gradually melt the permafrost of his heart and lead him to the way and the love of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.

For each month, he completely immersed himself in the lifestyles, practices, culture, and beliefs of one religion/philosophical system in order to better understand and connect with his former enemies from the inside out.

The monthly schedule was as follows:

January: Hinduism

February: The Baha’i Faith

March: Zoroastrianism

April: Judaism

May: Buddhism

June: Agnosticism

July: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

August: Islam

September: Sikhism

October: Wicca

November: Jainism

December: Catholicism

Now that the year is over, Andrew writes on Christian themes in both fiction and non-fiction genres, and speaks about his conversion to the Catholic Church. His journey was featured in many publications, including the Washington Post, The Charlotte Observer, The Vatican Insider, The American Baha’i, NPR’s Interfaith Voices, and many more. You can read all of his blog posts from 2011 on this website. Also be sure to pick up his memoir, Project Conversion: One Man, 12 Faiths, One year and stay tuned for part 2 of his conversion journey, The Chisel and the Stone!



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  • Stu

    When you get to your month on Christianity we would absolutely love to have you at Catch the Fire Raleigh. It meets 10:30 Sunday mornings off of Leesville Rd. and you can get more info on the website at ctfraleigh.com.

  • Anonymous


    Sounds like you would enjoy the Rig Veda: “Truth is one, though the wise
    call it by many names.”



  • Kkaadesheets

    I agree with you janine….many manisfestations of one being/essence. However, mankind can really distort religions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Higgins/1620477417 Andrew Higgins

    I read an article on Project Conversion in the Charlotte Observer. What University are you attending?

    • Anonymous

      Robeson Community College, however Project Conversion has nothing to do
      with the school.

  • SandraNalskannen

    Very interested in your project and your take on the different “Christian” sects that profess to know more about religion and salvation than others. (It seems to me that they are the ones that really need to chill out) Yet Baptists, born-again Christians, evangelicals, and other such groups are not on your list. Reasoning? Are you just going for the overview? Look forward to following you throughout the year. Good luck!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for getting in touch! The reason I didn’t select one of the more mainline or Protestant denominations is because I wanted to explore faiths I had little to no experience with.

  • Anonymous

    Very cool!

    Did you finish your year? It seemed as if there were some gaps in the


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2104102 Valeria Wicker

    You’ve put a lot of thought into your choices, I can tell, but I have wanted to ask if you considered an Eastern Orthodox form of Christianity to explore. I toured a Coptic church last summer during their annual Egyptian festival and it was very interesting. It was founded by St. Mark the Apostle, and they fast for a total of seven months out of the year, not a full fast but just leaving aside meat and dairy, to essentially become vegan. Those were two points I found very interesting.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Valeria,

      I am interested in all flavors of Christianity. Obviously I cannot fit
      every religion into the year, but my curiosity and future research will
      not stop at the end of the year with the 11 I’ve selected.

  • salika

    just curious, which community do you plan on hooking up with during your Islam month? There are super conservative communities and more liberal, open-minded ones..each one will offer an entirely different experience of the religion.

  • Eleni_meleni

    Hi Andrew,

    I wish you well during your year of independent investigating. I have a deep respect for your curiosity and your openness. May many blessings come your way!


  • http://twitter.com/SynergisticPen C S Stone

    I love this… what a way to become more enlightened!